Booking Through Thursday: Recommend


Somebody walks up to you and says, “I need a really good book to read–any genre. What do you recommend?”
What’s the first book off the top of your head?

As for me (at least for now), I’ll BTT: Recommend The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion.

But then, the definition of ‘a really good book to read’ is so relative. Or subjective. Because, what’s good for one person might not apply the same for the other. A really good book could be the one with good plot, the one with distinctive character, the one with story that it’s reader can relate to.

Why would I recommend The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion?

Well, it was because I really enjoyed this novel. When I read this book, I was so pleased by the story. Not to mention, prof. Don was so peculiar one could not easily forget him as a character. And by recommending this novel, I wish for this somebody a joy of reading.

What about you?

One more thing before I forgot, I think it should be like this. When somebody ask for your recommendation, you better ask them specifically. Because that question above was so vague. And when this somebody is a reader like you, they’ll repeat their question with more detail so it’d be clear enough to get your respond.

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