[YARC Updates] Linky for March

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I know it’s awfully late to open the linky, but I hope you all still have the mercy to forgive me. For all the waiting and anticipating, I admit my mistake to get you all to wait for so long. Really, there’s no good reason except that I can now present to you. 

Remember that I have a promise that there will be bimonthly giveaway where I will choose two people to win a voucher worth Rp. 74K ? That’s one good news that now I want to deliver to you who have been waiting patiently. With no further introduction, I’ll announce these two YARC 2016’s participant that win voucher worth Rp 74K for each one of them:

NENENG LESTARI (@ntarienovrizal)



winners banner

Random.org has helped me choose them, such a coincidence that the numbers out to direct me to theirs Cinder review (Cinder was one of my favorite too).

So, congratulations to you both! Please email me your option of book with the link of where to buy them. Don’t forget to leave your full name, cellphone number and full address to help me with the shipping information once I get the book/s you want.

And for other participants, I still have one more surprise that will be reveal next week, at the end of March.

Last but not least, here goes the linky!

*notes: the criteria for winning the bimonthly giveaway may as well be different.

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