The Thing is..

Yeah, the thing is, life has got me. And the fact that I’m losing to myself (that I have a poor record last month in reading and writing review) did not help at all. It feels strange to type the keyboard and write a review (or another post related to book). My fingers itched but still I can not write. I know that all that situations start to happened when I, myself, got too distracted by what life has brought for me and not giving an inch of space to really treat myself with things I loved (like, get lost in books, or reading fiction, or cuddle up reading fluffy stories -yeah it’s all read and book, I guess). 

So, please forgive me dear Faraziyya’s bookshelf. I know it’s not right, totally not healthy for you IF I still want to be a book blogger. I’ll still try my best, to give a room out of my daily activities to catch up with reading and updating you.

May this month comes with brighter reading (and blogging) record. Aamiin.

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