Booking Through Thursday: Recommended



Do you read books recommended by friends? Or do you prefer to find your own books to read.

In most of my reading activities, the books I read were usually my own choice,my own discovery. I love blog-walking, It became a habit to collect every interesting information about books that currently trending, local or international. Lucky me, having an active couple years of reading, I began to know what kind of stories I want from books, what genre that would suit me and who’s the author that his/her works I’m anticipating. It’s automatically became my filter.

Yes, I am a picky reader. But it’s not like I’m not open to recommendations because, on the other hand, I love to follow my friend’s (or my circle) reviews or Goodreads activity. I figure that could also counted as recommendations though they didn’t really know that I picked some books over their reviews.

How about you?

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