[Monthly Recap] March ’15

monthly recap march

Oh, Hi April! I guess it’s time for looking through the past month reading activities 😉

Well, to tell you the truth, I think March has been kind to me. I’m doing very well with my reading and book-blogging activities. Yeay!

Books I’ve read = 12 titles, book reviews posted in Faraziyya’s Bookshelf on March = 6 titles and they’re: Galila, Pelangi Musim Semi, The Rosie Project, The Summer of Chasing Mermaids, Forgive Me Leonard Peacock, and The DUFF. Despite the numbers that definitely show a good quantity to add to my reading achievement, the quality of most of them are questionable. Lately, I keep meeting 2 star rated books. The book that ended with impression of ‘it was just so-so’. Still, I have to pick one as the best read of the month. And it goes to The Rosie Project!

It’s a character-driven novel and it was so good it stayed with me for more than a while. I mean, even now, I still had it -the story and of course Don. I know I should already have the sequel on my currently-reading list but I’ve decided to hold it. I mean, I loved The Rosie Project and though I’d like to have more of Don Tillman, there’s still a small part of me not wanting the sequel to ruin everything that’s been built on my mind –just like the mixed feelings I had when I heard that there will be a movie adaptation for E & P.

The next thing that I’d like to show you are these:

giveaway prize

giveaway prize

for the upcoming blog tour

for the upcoming blog tour

Last but not least, Faraziyya’s Bookshelf will be busy this month since it’s BBI 4th Anniversary and like other members I’m celebrating by hosting a giveaway and short-time reading challenge. Not only that, I believe I’m going to receive quite sum of books this month :mrgreen:

April surely started with elation, so I’ll update you all the good news on the next monthly recap! See you around! Keep calm and reading B-)

One thought on “[Monthly Recap] March ’15

  1. Wow, I’m impressed by know that you have read 12 books a month! I can’t imagine I’ll do same with. I’m still dreaming to read much books, while my challenge in this year was 50 books. 😀


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