#170 The Rosie Project


Narrator Don Tillman 39, Melbourne genetics prof and Gregory Peck lookalike, sets a 16-page questionnaire The Wife Project to find a non-smoker, non-drinker ideal match. But Rosie and her Father Project supersede. The spontaneous always-late smoker-drinker wants to find her biological father. She resets his clock, throws off his schedule, and turns his life topsy-turvy.

Saya udah ngga sabar untuk baca novel ini sehingga saatnya buku yang saya pinjam dari Ka Mia ini sampai ke tangan saya di akhir pekan lalu, novel ini menyalip buku-buku lain yang hendak saya baca. Dan saya ngga nyesel, karena pada akhirnya saya puas sekali dengan buku ini dan terbukti bahwa tak hanya premis, eksekusi ceritanya boleh diacungi jempol.

‘Gene sent me the world’s most incompatible woman. A barmaid. Late, vegetarian, disorganized, irrational, unhealthy, smoker- smoker! –psychological problems, can’t cook, mathematically incompetent, unnatural hair colour. I presume he was making a joke.’ (page. 71)

That was his first impression of Rosie. Kalo belum kenal sama Don, kita bakal nge-judge kalo kata-kata tersebut lumayan ‘tajam’. But, you see, it’s him. It’s just the way he is, straight-to-the-point when speaking; vigilant; odd; a man of routines; and not only lacking in interpersonal relationship he’s also lacking in emotional expression (and feelings). He’s your typical odd genius, his level of IQ didn’t follow by a good EQ and some of the readers said that he’s resemble Sheldon Cooper, a character from The Big Bang Theory series. Now, go figure!

Gene ‘mengirim’ Rosie kepada Don, sebagai wildcard. In fact, Gene mengirim Rosie kepada Don karena Rosie memiliki pertanyaan seputar genetika yang hanya bisa dipaparkan dengan lebih memuaskan oleh Don. Don yang tidak tahu maksud tersebut, mengira bahwa Gene merekomendasikan Rosie untuk menjadi kencan berikutnya so he asked Rosie to go dinner in a sophisticated restaurant with him. The date didn’t go well, they ended up have dinner at Don’s place. However, the unsuccessful (and inefficient) date with Rosie brought him to the Father Project.

Rosie sebenarnya galau, di usia yang baru menginjak 10 tahun, ia mendapati bahwa ibunya ragu apakah Rosie adalah anaknya dari Phil atau dari hubungan one-night-stand yang terjadi saat malam kelulusan pendidikan dokternya. Keraguan muncul mula-mula karena Rosie memiliki mata berwarna coklat sedang kedua orangtuanya memiliki mata berwarna biru. Selain itu, hubungan tak harmonis Rosie dengan ayahnya -Phil, yang juga semakin meyakinkan Rosie untuk mencari tahu siapa ayah biologisnya. And so, the Father project begin. Don and Rosie working together to gather samples of DNA and try to match them. The rest is the upside-down life-changing story experienced by Don Tillman.

my thoughts

First, I think we could call this novel as character-driving. Dan yang bikin saya suka itu ya karena kelegitan karakterisasi Don. You see, membaca ini tuh saya ngebayangin narasinya disampaikan Don dengan poker face (just straight and honest) tapi kita yang mendengarnya membacanya merasa bahwa narasinya itu lucu. Seenggaknya itu efeknya ke saya: haha-hihi sepanjang baca kisah Don Tillman ini. However, it flows naturally -the point that makes this novel quite page-turning!

Second, all the second characters were distinctive. We could possibly hate Gene for his douche, but then later you’ll figure that Gene has always been supportive to Don all this time. And, Rosie? If Don can’t resist her charms, what do you think her charms’ will do to us? And other characters like Claudia, Daphne, Phil (Rosie’s father) also has their own color.

‘You considered me as partner?’
‘Sure,’ she said. ‘Except for the fact that you have no idea of social behavior, your life’s ruled by a whiteboard and you’re incapable of feeling love –you’re perfect.’ (page 264)

Third, Don’s character development. Saying this novel a character-driving story, I can’t help but watch Don Tillman from having wife-problem; executing The Wife Project hoping to meet someone ‘suitable’ for him; get himself tangled in Rosie’s world and driven by it; all of that to finally be able to fix himself and become a better person with better personality. Witnessing that process was kinda overwhelming to me. I have no doubt that Don will stay with me forever. :’)

Fourth (or the last), I can’t believe myself crying over a scene that comes at chapter 33. Proposal scene (spoiler). Big deal. I mean, it’s how this novel got me: makes me laugh, cry, and grew sympathy for Don.

That’s all I can say about The Rosie Project, how interesting this novel is. I think this book will be one of my favorites of 2015 considering Don has been a stay-with-you-forever character and how enjoyable the story was. If you read this review, think of this novel as to-be-read worth. I hope you’ll have a good time with The Rosie Project 😉

‘I checked my mirror again. Rosie had been right. In my grey three-piece suit, I could be mistaken for Gregory Peck in To Kill a Mockingbird. Atticus Tillman. World’s sexiest man.’ -page. 282

Gregory Peck

Title: The Rosie Project
Author: Graeme Simsion
Release Date: May 1st, 2013
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 329 pages
Genre: Adults, Contemporary Romance, Humor.

Submitted for:

  • Lucky No.15 #9: Category – Something Borrowed
  • NARC: Category – Genre 101: Contemporary Romance

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