[Monthly Recap] January ’15

Hello February! Hello you! 🙂

As usual, every beginning of the month means a wrap-up post of the reading activities I’ve done in the past month. First, let’s see how much book I’ve read on January:

recap januari 2015

6 novels, 3 collected poems and 2 graphic novels. It is not satisfying enough. But eleven books will do. Since it shows that I’m still on the track to achieve 115 books at the end of the year..

Although I still have problems with writing reviews, in January I’ve posted 4 reviews and they were: Before I Go To Sleep, The Secret Garden, Mary Poppins and More Than This.

Out of eleven books above, my favorite is Salt. by Nayyirah Waheed. It’s a collected poems. Short but beautiful enough to make me read it over and over –trying to remember them. But it’s not that other books are below her Salt. They’re good too. A Tale for The Time Being and More Than This are young adult novels but quite thought-provoking. I hope I could share to you what I’ve experienced through reading them, soon.

I added three new books to my collection. One is a freebie from attending the book launch. It is Senyawa from Andrei Aksana (I’ve posted a gallery of photos from the event, here). And the other two, Mary Poppins and Pelangi Musim Semi, I grab them from sale on parcelbuku online shop.

Last, here is the likely TBR list for February.


On the right side is the to-be-review list and on the left side is the to-be-read list.


So, see you at the next monthly recap! Adios!

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