#162 Salt

I felt lucky to have read this collected poems by Nayyirah Waheed. Salt is a beauty. And though I am incapable to analyzed the poems, I’m okay with just enjoying it.

See, that is me. I love reading collected poems but I’m not an expert at poetry nor I am  a poet. I just love how they, the poets, sew the words and make them into a flowery narration in just few sentences. They are not magicians, are they?

even the small poems mean something. they are often whales in the bodies of tiny fish (page 25)

If I could define Salt, it’s a whale in the body of tiny. It’s not exactly grand but it is definitely classy. And first interesting thing that I found is that the poet, Nayyirah Waheed, is low profile. By reading her poems, we could sense that she’s a talented poet yet she denied it early by this one poem that sounds:

salt 1-1

or like in this poem:

salt 2-1

And to make you clear of what is Salt about, the goodreads synopsis is enough:

Salt is a journey through warmth and sharpness. This collection of poetry explores the realities of multiple identities, language, diasporic life & pain, the self, community, healing, celebration, and love.

If you look for inspirations or words to hold about healing your pain and sadness, try these:

salt -3-1

Or, you are just like me and her, that always seek for the potential of tenderness men could have. You might be spoiled by this:


She also talked about her identity as woman of color and share to us how it feels to be in her feet. Sharp and honest, like:

salt -4

A lot of love for yourself is okay. Eh, it’s more than okay. It is important.


Okay. Okay I won’t spoiled you anymore. That’s all I can share you about Salt.

Submitted for:

  • NARC 2015 Categori Genre 101: Ebook Lover
  • Lucky No.15  #3: Category – Who Are You Again?

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