Scene On Three | 13

And then, suddenly, a break in the clouds, shining starlight that’s faint but like the blowing of a trumpet compared to the darkness. Because it’s so dark, Seth can see more stars in the small tip in the sky than he thinks he’s ever seen in the whole expanse of it. The break widens, shining more, and Seth can’t quite figure out the strange streak of faint white he’s seeing across it, as if someone’s spilled –


The Milky Way

“Holy shit,” he whispers.

He’s seeing the actual Milky Way streaked across the sky. The whole of his entire galaxy, right there in front of him. Billions and billions stars. Billions and billions of worlds. All of them, all those seemingly endless possibilities, not fictional, but real, out there, existing, right now. These is so much more out there than just the world he knows, so much more than his tiny Washington town, so much more than even London. Or England. Or hell, for that matter.

So much more that he’ll never see. So much more that he’ll never get to. So much that he can only glimpse enough of to know that it’s forever beyond his reach.

The clouds close up again. The Milky way vanishes.

More Than This page 136

Nature has its way to comfort us. Take a glimpse of a half-moon outside, your heart shall feel relieve. It lift your burden. And for a moment, you forgot that your heart aching; that your mind confused; or that you feel betrayed. But it’s okay. It’s enough even if the nature soothes you just for a while. Their beauty should be a medicine, don’t you agree?

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