Scene On Three |11

But Ruth was neither patient nor accepting, and she really liked to know. After a few short years (fifteen, to be exact—brief by his count, interminable by hers), surrounded by all this vegetative rampancy, she was feeling increasingly unsure of herself. She missed the built environment of New York City. It was only in an urban landscape, amid straight lines and architecture, that she could situate herself in human time and history. As a novelist she needed this. She missed people. She missed human intrigue, drama and power struggles. She needed her own species, not to talk to, necessarily, but just to be among, as a bystander in a crowd or an anonymous witness.

A Tale For The Time Being – Ruth Ozeki

Ruth has to retreated herself from urban city and move to Whaletown (sparsely populated island) so she could take care of her Alzheimer’s mother and ill husband. And maybe, surrounded by nature, she could write better and finish her next project. But years passed and the longing for New York city grew. She missed living in big city.

At the time I came across reading those lines, somehow, I can relate to Ruth. It was few days after I moved back to Jakarta (in December we -me and my father- leave the house and retreated to Depok) and I feel like, ‘finally… i’m home.’ The reason I felt relieved moving back to Jakarta because I finally getting surrounded again by people, habits, and things that familiar to me. No matter how crowded the city is, Jakarta is the only place that I could say as home -literally, because I had no hometown.

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