[Monthly Recap] December ’14

I’m so screwed T~T

What I planned on early december: review-a-thon and read-a-thon, failed. If you read my november monthly recap and saw how I was excited and spirited to read (and review) hard, now you must think that I’m a big talker. I won’t blame if you thought so. Its on me, my mistake.

An unexpected event, came in December. I failed to manage my time to write more review and my reading list became impossible to achieved. I feel disappointed with myself … and sad.

BUT, at least I read 7 novels and 10 comics. They are:

recap desember

And I only posted 4 reviews, from the book I’ve read in November. Pesta Terakhir, Kemuning Jeddah, Flying in Places and Mother’s Grimm.

For the best read of December, it goes to: Bulan Nararya by Sinta Yudisia. I wish I could tell you more about this novel (later, I’ll write the full-review). Its just that it was thought-provoking but the narration flew smoothly. Easy to catch and the characters feels near, we can relate to them. It was rich and beautifully written.

Second best, goes to Aruna & Lidahnya by Laksmi Pamuntjak. This novel was brilliant. Filled with culinary info, heaven sites for foodie and I assure you’ll have the appetite for some food (instantly) by reading Aruna’s journey. It was also flawlessly written. No typo and the author was brave to use uncommon Indonesian vocabulary and so Aruna & Lidahnya was also a literary work. I nearly rated it ‘amazing’ if only I didn’t feel something’s off in the plot and could relate to the characters.

Actually, December is not so bad. I read good books and get lucky winning two giveaway. Without buying the books myself, I have this three new to my collection.

Pangeran Kertas by Syahmedi Dean


Sophia & Pink by Sinta Yudisia; Aruna & Lidahnya by Laksmi Pamuntjak

Thats a wrap! Wish for a better reading & book-blogging activites in 2015! See you 🙂


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