Goodreads Choice Awards: Popularity

I don’t mean the title to be offensive to the winners but that’s what I thought when I opened the best books of 2014 link that can be access from the front page of our goodreads home. I’m not here to judge, because who am I to judge when I just read couple of books on the nominee list? But one thing though, its so obvious that winning goodreads choice awards is about testing author’s popularity. 

For example, the winner of the Best Fiction Category is Landline from Rainbow Rowell. Seriously? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of her works. But please, there are Haruki Murakami; Liane Moriarty; David Mitchell; Jojo Moyes; even Emily St. Mandell -which is my choice, their works were better than Georgie’s story in Landline.

And then, Lullabies from Lang Leav winning Best Poetry Category. I couldn’t agree more with Emily’s review about Lullabies. Nah, I have not read Lullabies. Then I’m not in position to judge, aren’t I? But somehow I know, looking back to her first work Love & Misadventures, that Lullabies wouldn’t go far beyond what Love & Misadventures achieved. Its still about an obsession to one boy, isn’t it? But more mature? Exquisite? I’m afraid Its not going far near mature when she’s still using her simplistic tone.


I can’t talk much. Honestly, what makes me wrote this is my disappointment knowing Landline winning over better works lined up on the nominee list. I can not blame anybody. Can I?. Because, maybe, Landline has good number and dependable fan base. Its widely read, can’t doubt about it. But again, The Big Little Lies (38,970 ratings) has been read wider than Landline (30,266 ratings). Still can’t beat Landline’s popularity. Where were you, reader?

The thing that I wanted to say is, I’m afraid the over-rating novels rosed and the under-rated novels buried beneath them though they have the potential. Isn’t this kinda best-books list convince you to at least try to read? Maybe testing common reader choices?

Oh, Ziyy, don’t be a fool. Its a voting-based book awards, You couldn’t be hoping others decided this book is better than that book or this book is good, just like you did. One thing I’m thankful though: the nominee list. I’m adding some of the books from the nominee list to my TBR. Its another face of wide recommendation, isn’t it?

8 thoughts on “Goodreads Choice Awards: Popularity

  1. lol i actually kind of agreed with your opinion there. I haven’t read most of the books in the nominees. So I decided not to vote because I’ll end up choosing the books that I recognize (the more popular ones) even though I haven’t read it. And like you said, it’s a voting-based awards, so it’s kind of a popularity award anyway ;))


  2. Haha. Ya mau gimana lagi. Di Goodreads mah, penulis yang paling tenarlah yang bakal dapet Award. Para fans berat pasti bakal ngasih vote, meski mungkin belum sempat baca bukunya. Nah, perkara bukunya bagus atau nggak, kayaknya itu urusan nanti, yang penting kasih suara dulu buat penulis favorit. :))


  3. Great article, Ziy. That’s always what I think about an award, more over, an award based on “people’s choices”. Their taste and choices are sometimes unpredictable yet unchangeable, and what’s popular is not always what’s good. Like movies, who win the Oscars are not always movies we see topping at the Box Office list.


  4. Couldn’t agree more! I have to admit that I haven’t finished read Murakami’s work and not yet read Landline.
    But I do believe it cannot be the best fiction! *mad
    At least, PLEASE change the name to most favorite. BEST is soooo overrated >,<


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