Hello, March!

hand-drawn-typography-march-2012-desktop-calendar-rachelle-dunn2nd day of March

I’ve been unwell these days. Fever going up and down, and every part of my body (especially neck to thigh) aching. Its ached to lift my upper right arm, ached to move with my thigh and pain wont get away from my back. Its hard focusing myself to read and write. And i have tons of to bereview, don’t know when will i start to handle that problem.

then why can i write this ranting post?

Sigh. Its early in the morning and i’m awake because i already took a nap hours ago. I need to move from the bed and sit. So i’m checking my blog and doing little blogwalking.

This month, i would love to just read children/middle grade book. But, i still have piles of paperback left, waiting. The piles from here. Guess i need to finish them first and then enjoy what i’m please to read.

How about your reading activities planning for this month?

ps: I’m joining BBI’s Anniversary Project 2014. I’m participating the giveaway hop. Coming up in March 14th, 2014. See you 🙂

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