Booking Through Thursday: Hated

If there was one book you could make sure nobody ever read again … what would it be? And why?

BTT January 23rd, 2014

my thoughtsDuh. I haven’t met that kind of book. Lucky me (?)

And maybe its just me that can not dislike book(s) to the degree of hatred. I can tell you that i’m picky when it comes to my reads. I don’t really read what people mostly read, still, sometimes i consider the best-seller stamp on popular books but i rather depend on the author and synopsis. As i’m a book blogger, i also weighing my reads with other’s reviews. You can say i’m pretty careful by those ways so it’s a really slim chance for me to find annoying book(s).

According to my short experiences of being active reader, my limit was up to did not finish particular book. For that, i just give an honest opinion on Goodreads review column -not bothering myself to even write a full review.

There, i’m not the type who’d make sure anyone else to don’t read the book i hated because i’ve never really hate any book. I’m open with people who dislike the book i liked. The same goes with the opposite. Can you see, i am pleghmatic by being like this x)

On the other hand, I’ve found hateful review(s) on Goodreads for some books. And they write down the reasons, logically. Like; the bad writing, shallow research while the story should’ve been supported with the deep one, irrelevant plots, or bad attitude of the authors, etc.

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