Reading Literature Makes Us Smarter and Nicer

Reading Literature Makes Us Smarter and Nicer

Let me sum it up, for you:

  1. Individuals who often read fiction appear to be better able to understand other people, empathize with them and view the world from their perspective.
  2. In young children: the more stories they had read to them, the keener their “theory of mind,” or mental model of other people’s intentions.
  3. “Deep reading” — as opposed to the often superficial reading we do on the Web — is an endangered practice, one we ought to take steps to preserve as we would a historic building or a significant work of art. Its disappearance would imperil the intellectual and emotional development of generations growing up online.
  4. Deep reading — slow, immersive, rich in sensory detail and emotional and moral complexity — is a distinctive experience, different in kind from the mere decoding of words.
  5. That immersion is supported by the way the brain handles language rich in detail, allusion and metaphor: by creating a mental representation that draws on the same brain regions that would be active if the scene were unfolding in real life.
  6. The emotional situations and moral dilemmas that are the stuff of literature are also vigorous exercise for the brain, propelling us inside the heads of fictional characters and even, studies suggest, increasing our real-life capacity for empathy.
  7.  “Human beings were never born to read,” -Maryanne Wolf. Unlike the ability to understand and produce spoken language, the ability to read must be painstakingly acquired by each individual. The “reading circuits” we construct are recruited from structures in the brain that evolved for other purposes — and these circuits can be feeble or they can be robust, depending on how often and how vigorously we use them.
  8. The deep reader, protected from distractions and attuned to the nuances of language, likens to a hypnotic trance. The combination of fast, fluent decoding of words and slow, unhurried progress on the page gives deep readers time to enrich their reading with reflection, analysis, and their own memories and opinions. It gives them time to establish an intimate relationship with the author, the two of them engaged in an extended and ardent conversation like people falling in love.

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2 thoughts on “Reading Literature Makes Us Smarter and Nicer

  1. saya belakangan ni juga baru nyadar ada kelebihan literatur fiksi atau cerita… padahal sebelumnya sempat memaksakan hanya mau baca yang nonfiksi gitu, tapi ada kerasa hampanya gitu ya.. datar tanpa fiksi hehehe


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