Booking Through Thursday: Equality

All other things (writing quality, story, etc), which would you rather read?
1. Something written by a man or a woman?
2. Something with a male or female protagonist?
3. Something funny or something tragic?
4. Something short or something long with many parts?
5. Something simple or something layered?

BTT January 16th, 2014.


Whoaa. It’s been a while since the last post of booking through tuesday in this blog. Sometimes its about the prompt that i can’t easily answer or its just that i missed it’s update. Whatever, let me get back again with this thoughtful weekly meme 😀

  1. Written by a man or woman? Woman. Not that i’m a feminist, its just recently occur to me that female authors has dominated the ratio, is it not? But i’m more over (favorite) genre and favorite authors than pick some reads based on the gender of the author.
  2. A male or female protagonist? Male protagonist. Yes, yes, i am a female looking for a good (book) boy(friend).
  3. Funny or tragic? Funny. But i could easily fall for tragic story.
  4. Short or long -with many parts? Short. But i am open for the thick book with long story in it. I game on the synopsis and the author (as i’ve said it before).
  5. Simple or layered? Simple. Reading is an enjoyment, is it not? But once, i enjoyed Three Wishes from Liane Moriarty that has layered plots. I found it interesting -while layered plots thing has become her writing’s characteristic (i guess)- so i’m okay with layered plots.

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