1st Book of The Year!

Days ago, i discovered this post. I’ve never really thought about it  before, but it sounds like a good idea. Why not warm up my reads with picking a good first book as a start?? Maybe then, this first book will turn my reading activities even better. And yes, i decided to join in.

2013-12-31 07.58.43

I already read this book on September last year and i loved it! My first attempt was the one with the UK cover edition (i have both copy). Why do i need to re-read this? Actually, i got this book (indonesian translation edition) as a birthday gift from my dear friend. Though i’ve read it (quite) long ago, i still have not review it. I loved it and i consider to read it again because i remember i’ve cried over the last pages. I can relate myself to Pari (the little one) -however, Pari’s story with her father was similar to mine!

Naah, i’m not going to talk anymore because i need to go back quickly and continue reading it 🙂

I hope you too, excited about your first read. Enjoy your read~

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