First Book Of The Year 2014

I’m going to begin a bookish tradition like this one. I think it’ll be fun.
Who knows if with this i’ll be more active (in reading)? Because the first book i choose to begin my reading activities in 2014 could turn out a strong story that start my next year.
Clue: the book i pick as the first of the year 2014 is the latest work from Khaled Khosseini 🙂

Book Journey


Every year I get excited about what will be that first book that I will be chatting about going into the new year.  I make a big deal out of picking the book.  It is usually a book I have wanted to read for awhile and for whatever reason, I just have not been able to make the time to read it.

This year I would love for you to join me in this tradition of picking the book that you will be reading into the new year.  It can be a coveted book that you have been waiting to read, a guilty pleasure book, a re-read of a favorite that you want to explore once again… whatever you want.

Our posts of what we are reading will go live on January 1st.  You do not need to be done with the book on January 1st, just reading it on…

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