[Random Thoughts] Next Book, Same Topic

Happy Sunday, y’all!

How was your reading activities this week?

As for me, i’m reading war! Gggah. First, the Book Thief that set in World War II. Next, Everybody Sees The Ants. Though the real topic is bullying in high school, the book said much about Vietnam War because the granddad of the main character  is one of them. After that, Inside Out & Back Again. Again, it’s set in Vietnam War. I can imagine the Vietnam War a little through Kim Ha’s telling. Last, is what i’m currently reading, Number The Stars. Same as the first, it’s set in World Ward II -Nazi.

It happened to me sometimes, when i enjoy a book with a certain topic, i feel that i’m in need to read the next one with the same topic as the previous one. Like now, i already have a certain topic for next week reading: bullying.

What makes it seems like a pressure for me is the fact that i already arrange a reading list for this whole month. For the next 2 weeks i still have 7books. I’m distracted and it’s not a good sign @.@

If its already like this, what should i do?

I dont intend to break the list i’ve arranged but the next topic i had in mind is also tempting.




well, let’ just see the outcome in the end of this month -,-a

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