#82 The Vow

The Vow | Jessica Martinez | Ebook, 432 pages | Published October 15th 2013 by Simon Pulse |4-star-rating

Annie and Mo has been best-friend for 8 years. For Mo, Annie is the one who save him from an embarassing event that would turn out into another bully he had to face as a newcomer Muslim boy in Kentucky. For Annie, Mo is the one who isn’t threat her as a fragile thing after Lena’s tragedy.

‘He’s only nice when i need him to be,’ said Annie. ‘It’s not one of those faux-platonic friendships where one person is secretly obsessed with the other one. We just are what we are.’ said Mo. But why people can not believe it that way? Forget about what people said, because even without that Annie & Mo’s friendship just now threatened to be broken. Now that Mr. Hussein lost his job, their Visa is getting expired and Hussein’s family need to come back to Jordan.

I can’t lose Mo, is what Annie thought. Who’s going to be there anytime when Annie needs him? The news turn into a nightmare. Not knowing how to face this nightmare, and totally not ready with the bad news, Annie come up with a silly idea: Mo and Annie need to get married so Mo could stay. She knows it that Mo, too, is not ready to leave US. He has his Harvard dream, he wouldn’t want to waste what he has spent toward it. And yes, Mo agreed. They’re getting married.

So then, they become husband and wife in the courthouse. But they dont know yet what they’d overcome for the decision they’ve made until they met Sam the law student. For their marriage to be approve they need to pretend; live together. But the most to overcome is that one of them, in the end, need to sacrifice. And after sacrificing her family-bound with her parents, can Annie let go of Reed too -for Reed is the first guy that make her fall? And Mo, was he really ready to be apart from his little sister Sarina and his parents?

Its not your typical contemporary young adults. Its better. Well written and good characterization. Good plot too, while the story is not really predictable that i keep thinking the possibility of the other end for this novel. What i really dont like is the title The Vow. I don’t know, i think the title doesn’t really match Anny and Mo’s story.

I love Mo for his childish side,  for his loyalty to Annie, for his friendship to Bryce, for his one-sided love toward Maya, and for his love to her little sister. He’s not really a devout Muslim but he dont dare to break his religion’s commandment. Blame his youth for he is not ready to leave US and face Jordan when his Arab boy-side is getting faded. But then his maturing, a bit.

Annie was once a gloomy girl, but then she found Mo and her life become less gloomy. She dont need any friend when she has Mo in her side. So she’d never want to lose Mo and thought she need to do anything to make him stay, including come up with the marriage idea. She knew it wasnt really a good idea but she cant think any other idea better than that. Annie just don’t know, not yet convinced, that someday somehow she’d through the life without Mo. Annie just don’t know, not yet, that God would sent her another angel into her life in form of Reed.

Through the story of hardship; struggling; experience the world as an adult when they’re just a teenager; and mixed feeling:  they’re maturing. The point is what they’ve been through made them more mature and more ready to face what world has for their life in the future.

‘Last time it was a death sentence. This time . . . I don’t know. Maybe I’m not the same person I was then, though.’ -Mo.

Into the after. I turn the last page with tears. Annie & Mo’s story made me. It may happened to you too, if you decided to read this book.

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