Top Ten Books I’ve Read So Far in 2013


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by Broke and Bookish. An awesome meme i’ve been following, i mean i’ve followed some of post that join this meme and now i decided to  join in. This weekend topic is: Top ten books you’ve read so far in 2013. 

I’ve read 61 books this far, here, some my version top books.



  1. Eleanor & Park – Rainbow Rowell. Seriously, this book got me hangover. Till now, i’m still playing Eleanor & Park’s playlist songs. Am i too much? I cant get rid the existence of Park. 🙂
  2. Wonder – R.J Palacio. This book is hard to deal with. I remember crying all over the night when reading this book. Seriously, i can’t imagine myself in August point of view but also its hard to not fall for him.
  3. Between Shades of Gray – Ruta Sepetys.  I know i’ll like this book because its a historical fiction. And in the end, its not just because its a historical fiction, which is my favorite genre, but i adore this book because i appreciate the author’s intention by spreading peace through historical fiction so we can learn not to do the same mistake later; for the sake of humanity.
  4. Attachments – Rainbow Rowell. Right after i knew i love E & P, i seek for another Rowell’s writing then gladly found this. As expected this book is good too. And similar with Park, Lincoln is just my type (>.<)
  5. If I stay – Gayle Forman. I read this book at the library and cried there while read it. I’m ashame but i cant stop crying.
  6. Pulang – Leila S Chudori. Its a historical fiction too, by indonesian female author.
  7. The Coffee Memory – Riawani Elyta. Its written by indonesian female author and it smell a lot like coffee.
  8. Divergent – Veronica Roth. I dont read fantasy often, but rather than The Hunger Games, i like this one better.
  9. Wanderlove – Kirsten Hubbard. I read it last week, and i intend to re-read it. Hehhe. I like the idea that the heroine, Bria , is an artist. And Rowan, who wouldn’t fall for him? He is a boy who reads and he is a hot backpacker ❤
  10. Are You Mine? – N.K Smith.  Its the last one i recently read and i make it to top ten because this book enlightened me about Dyslexia. The story is sweet and the best is: Fox is a hopeless romantic. I wish i had him for me. Hahha.

Thats a wrap. What about your top ten books this far? 🙂

10 thoughts on “Top Ten Books I’ve Read So Far in 2013

  1. the godfather – mario puzo
    fight club – chuck palahniuk
    perahu kertas – dee
    amba – laksmi pamuntjak
    the casual vacancy – j.k. rowling
    life of pi – yann martel
    montase – windry ramadhina
    the journey – desi puspitasari
    roma – robin wijaya

    eniwei between shades of gray itu kupikir sekuelnya 50 shades of grey loh 😀


    • b.u.k.a.n
      sama sekali bukan~
      *ugh jd kasian sama buku ini 😦
      ini hisfic, settingnya Perang Dunia kedua; sipil Lithuania yang diacak-acak Stalin.


  2. You’ve read 61 books so far this year? You’re a much faster reader than I! The only one of these I’ve read is Divergent, and that made my list as well. I really want to read a Rainbow Rowell book though since I’ve heard so much about her. Same with Gayle Foreman books! I guess I haven’t gotten to them since they’re more contemporary and that’s usually not my thing, but I hope to try them out someday 🙂


    • hahha,
      its more like i’m taking a revenge of my past slow- progress and luckily i have much unoccupied time these days.
      thanks for visiting me back 🙂


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